meet your dream team


Left Brain / Business Consultant

The nerd on the team. An engineering grad from Purdue University with over twenty years supporting custom products and services. As a founding member of a startup company, she knows what it takes to get a business off the ground and the challenges young businesses face. 


If she’s not on an adventure with her pooches, you might catch her participating in local endurance events. 


The face behind the designs. As a recent grad from James Madison University (go Dukes!), Cassidy knows the ins and outs of advertising, social media and great design. With experience working with brand’s in all stages and sizes, Cassidy has a passion for helping small businesses grow. 


When she’s not working, you can catch Cassidy at the beach, playing with her puppy Louie or trying to create the next greatest chocolate dessert. 


Creative Genius / Creative Strategist



Queen Shutterbug / Branding Photographer

Seeing the world from behind the lens. Mom of two amazing children and to a furry girl Miley. Lenka works full time as an open heart surgery nurse at a local hospital in Maryland. Her degrees are not limited only to healthcare, she also holds a marketing degree in mass communications. 


Lenka enjoys spending her free time cooking, staying fit, and spending some relaxing time on the beach with her family.